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New Traditional Catholic School Interest Survey for the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish

Please complete this 10-minute survey to provide your opinion on this idea. Your response is very important, no matter whether you will decide to enroll your children or not.  Complete ONE survey for your family. To ensure inclusion in this study for a new Catholic school, please complete the survey no later than October 20th, 2021.

A few important features you should know about the proposed school:

Organization: Our school will serve grades K through 12.

Location: Our school will be located in the parish hall, utilizing the upstairs and downstairs rooms.

Traditional Catholic Curriculum: We will use the timeless educational traditions of the Church which blend seamlessly with the traditional liturgy celebrated in our parish to create a truly Catholic culture of study, prayer, and charity. We will employ educational principles that have served parish schools well for centuries; we will study the same subjects and important texts that Catholic schoolchildren have learned for centuries. This will be similar to what many call a “classical curriculum” today, including the study of Latin, music, and the classic works of Western Civilization

Traditional Catholic Identity: We will provide an authentic Catholic culture, where classroom, church, and home give the same expression of our faith shared by the generations of saints who have preceded us. Our students will learn to know and love the one Catholic faith as it has been known and loved for centuries. Our students will not experience the conflict of learning one thing in church, but another in school. The music the children will learn throughout the week will be the same they listen to and sing on Sunday, the same that pervades their Catholic homes, the same music the Church has sung for centuries. The attire of the children, the good friendships they form, all aspects of our school culture will be what one would find at any good Catholic school hundreds of years ago.

Beyond academics: An appropriate offering of extracurricular activities will be available to meet the needs and interests of students with a focus on life skills and greater musical training.

Cost: For the survey, assume that tuition will not be a barrier for you when considering whether you should enroll your children. Financial assistance for families will be offered based on need. Every effort will be made to ensure the school is financially prudent and affordable for our families.

For a more detailed Vision for the Proposed New School click here.
For any additional questions please contact Sara Cunningham, school @,  720.248.0035.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response to all the survey questions.
1.  I am a parent or guardian of a child 18 years old or younger. *This question is required.